Tips For Choosing The Best Air Conditioner For Your Home

One of the easiest types of air conditioners that you can install is window air conditioners. The reason for this is that you don’t have to worry about clearing space out in a room, and usually, the machine itself comes with braces to fit into the window itself. This is amazing for removing in the winter, but also easy to put back in during any hot streaks.

The below six tips will help you figure out what to do with your conditioner, and also the best way to complete each step.

Measure the Entire Room for AC Installation

The important factor here is that you know how strong the device you are buying is so that you don’t overload the room. Or worse, you won’t be able to feel the cold air it pumps out. This is why getting the square footage of the room is vital, and an air-conditioner that will adequately cool the room. You’ll also need to think about how crowded the room is, and how large doors are into other rooms.

Size The Window

Knowing the type and size of the window is a necessity when shopping for an air conditioner. This is because you want to buy one for the window you have, be it a double window or a casement window. Buying the wrong type will make it harder for you to install, and in some instances, you won’t be able to do anything with it. Also, ensuring the device does not block a fire exit is very important.

Energy Efficiency

You need to make sure that you get an energy-efficient model. This is because you want to get the maximum use out of it, but without breaking the bank. If you can control the temperature of the air conditioner, change speeds, and put it in sleep mode, you’ll know you have the right one. A unit without these is just asking for trouble.

Installing the Unit

It is never really a good idea to have only one person install an air-conditioner. They tend to be heavy, awkward and hard to manage. Having someone help you is a great idea. Double-hung windows are the easiest as the air-conditioner should come with a kit to ensure it is mounted correctly.

You want always to make sure that you get an air-tight fit so that cold air does not escape back outside, or worse, that your unit falls out of the window. Make sure to get all the attachments onto the window before you start drilling. This ensures a perfect fit.

While one person raises the lower pane of the window, they can also help you sit the conditioner inside. Wait until you know it is in place before letting go, and that the windowsill is wide enough to fit. If it is not, you’ll need to install additional brackets.

Most units can be secured with both the bracket and the window itself, which prevents movement while you install the rest. Once you have a secure hold and know it will not fall out, you’ll want to use weatherstripping on the inside of the window, caulk around the outside.

If for some reason you are unable to get a seal, you can always use plywood for a secure fit, or shop for another unit that works better.

Turn it On

This is the part that is the most important, and also will show if you’ve installed things correctly. You’ll want to make sure it is plugged into a strong circuit by itself. This is because of the large amount of power used, which means it is wise to keep other plug-ins away from it. It will also come with a cord, one that can handle the draw of power. Always make sure to use the shortest possible cord, and change the filter when directed.

Air Conditioning Storage and Removal

If you have to remove the air conditioner, you must ensure that the seal will still hold on the window. This is why many people simply leave the machine in the window all the time. You want to make sure, though, if you remove it, that you take all the weatherstripping out and never drop it machine. Also, store it in a dry place away from anything corrosive.