Choosing An Air Conditioner Repair Company

This handy checklist will help you to make sure you hire someone reliable from the dozens of air conditioning contractors available in your area.

1) Go By Testimonials and Reviews

Like most of us, if you received great service somewhere, you probably tell friends and family about that experience. And it’s no different when it comes to the company that fixes or services your air conditioner. It means that looking online for comments, reviews and testimonials from a company’s previous customers can give you a good idea of whether you would want to use that company or not, or move on to the next one on your list. A new company just may not have any customer reviews yet, so that’s something to keep in mind. However, an absence of reviews from other customers may also mean that the company just doesn’t want to share the negative reviews it has received from others.

2) Be Careful Of Prices That Are Too Low

Of course, none of us likes to pay more than we have to for anything, including air conditioning repairs or service calls. But some more unscrupulous contractors will charge a lot for repair costs, while at the same time have a low rate for a service call. It may sound tempting, but it means that often that cheap service call ends up costing more than it really should. The technician is already at your house ready to carry out the repair, so it’s much easier to have them do the repair even if it is overpriced, than call someone else. If it’s 100 degrees outside and your air conditioner just isn’t working, you just want it fixed, regardless of the rates. Something is probably off, if it seems too good to be true and that old adage applies to air conditioning contractor costs too.

Air conditioning company employees probably aren’t getting paid well if the company is charging customers really low prices. On the other hand, the best and most experienced A/C technicians are attracted to those companies that pay higher salaries. It all means that in the long run you’ll pay less, as your air conditioning unit will have been repaired properly the first time by a technician who is well paid, takes pride in their work and cares for the customer.

3) Who Is At Your Door?

Taking a look at the vans that a company uses can give you a surprisingly accurate picture of how they operate; they may not take care of your air conditioning unit as you would like them to if their vehicles are not maintained, or are filthy. Poor service may be the order of the day if the technician shows up in a dirty and scratched van. However, they’ll probably treat your A/C unit with care if they treat their vehicles the same way.

4) Clean Cut and Professional Technicians

You don’t want a guy showing up at your door who is scruffily dressed and clearly hasn’t showered in a while, especially if you are a stay at home mother, perhaps with small children in the house with you. You can always rely on our technicians to be clean-cut, neat and wearing the company uniform, and we understand just how important appearances can be when it comes to winning the trust of our customers.

5) Standard Pricing

We know some air conditioning companies that vary the prices for the same job depending on the part of town that you live in; in other words you’ll be charged more if you live in a ritzy neighborhood. This website may be a good help with pricing. Needless to say, we don’t do that and you can rely on us to have standardized and fair pricing for all our work. Standardized pricing should be something you look for in an air conditioning company, as well as professional and experienced employees who will get the job done properly.

6) Warranties

Don’t work with an air conditioning company that isn’t prepared to stand behind the work they do. In other words, any reputable air conditioning company will offer a warranty on the work they do.

7) Continuing Training

If possible, work with an air conditioning company that provides ongoing training to their technicians, as air conditioning technology and equipment changes constantly, just like everything else. Whether you have a brand new air conditioner or a unit that’s 20 years old, you can then be assured that the technician will be familiar with it and can repair it.

8) Awards

Accolades and awards will give you a clue that a particular company is a leader in their field, and before working with an air condition company, ask them about any awards or recognition.